Boomers vs. Gen X and Millennials: Time for Some Upward Travel Attitude Mentoring

What are the top 10 differences between Boomers and younger travellers?

10) Boomers hold a grudge: Millennials are substantially more likely than Boomers to reuse a product or service after a problem is resolved.

9) Only 12% of Boomers think of themselves as travel hackers compared to 26% Generation X and 50% of Millennials.

8) Millennials are 2.2 times more willing than Boomers to pay a premium for products and services if they can also earn loyalty and reward points.

7) Only 28% of Boomers use credit cards to earn hotel points or flight miles compared to 36% Generation X and 54% of Millennials.

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6) Boomers (40%) don’t find loyalty programs as essential as Millennials (62%) and Generation X (64%).

5) Millennials (69%) and Generation X (55%) are also more likely to pay more for the experiences they value.

4) Millennials check their rewards status daily (13%) compared with Generation X (10%) or Boomers (7%).

3) Millennials are more enthusiastic (26%) than Generation X (19%) and Boomers (13%) about using loyalty rewards to save on costs.

2) Millennials network: they are more likely (19%) to join a reward program because a family member or friend recommended it, compared with Generation X (8%) or Boomer (6%) consumers.

1) Millennials link their rewards-earning to a credit card (26%), compared to 10% and 8%, respectively, of Generation X and Boomer consumers.

What does it all mean? Millennials will get and enjoy more free travel than Boomers will – but we can learn from them!


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