Good Riddance to CHASE credit card cancelled and on fire

Cards come and go. It’s part of the credit card churning game. I think of some cards past rather fondly… One thing I always respect is good customer service. When I don’t get it, well… nothing is more fearsome than a mildly ticked off boomer. Chase has ticked me off.

To make a short story long… I have had a Chase card for years. I used it as my no foreign exchange fee go-to card. But Chase abandoned the Canadian market on March 15, 2018.

So they sent me a letter telling me that they had closed my account. It presumably cost them a few dimes to print and send. The next day, I got a monthly account statement – showing the same credit, and again costing them a few dimes to print and send. The letter explained that the credit of $13.36 was from converting my small points balance to cash. But, rather than simply send me the refund cheque on the card – cancelled at their request – the letter informed me that to get this refund – money they owed me – I would have to call their 1-866 number. Failure to do so would result in them eventually wiping out the credit by applying an “inactive account fee”. Really!

So I diligently called, only to be put on hold. To add insult to injury, they had the audacity to further torment the champion of Canadian boomer travel hackers with 25 minutes of the poorest quality insipid hold muzak. I finally spoke to an agent who closed my account and told me I would get my refund in the mail. Moving forward, Chase will now have to spend more money to send me the cheque. Good business practice? I think not.

They could have saved themselves money and me aggravation by simply sending the letter and the refund cheque along with the final account statement. That they didn’t can only be explained in one of two ways: either it is credit card bureaucracy run amok, or it is craven duplicitous money-grabbing behaviour, counting on most card holders to not be willing to spend 25 minutes listening to the world’s worst muzak for a paltry $13.36. While bureaucracy run amok is always believable, since that is what bureaucracy does, in this case, I believe it is deliberate, the equivalent of negative option marketing in the name of profits. Really – would a refund cheque annoy anyone? No, but many will be annoyed to have to listen to muzak to get it.

Canadians will put up with a lot – but bad manners and tasteless canned muzak? No way, Eh!

Good riddance to Chase Canada.


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  1. It sounds like Chase Canada handled the termination of the Marriott Visa Card a lot better ( or perhaps that was Marriott Rewards who did the right thing)

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