Best Doughnuts in Ottawa


Doughnuts. How can you go wrong with deep fried sweet dough filled with fruit preserves or pastry cream and sprinkled with sugar?

Ottawa: A Gourmet Paradise


Ottawa’s food scene is like Paris or New York without the price or attitude. This is due to the intersection of seven important variables.

Newgrange Passage Mound, Ireland,


Nestled away in County Meath, Ireland, lies a series of megalithic complexes including three passage-mounds – Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth together forming a UNESCO World […]

Lufthansa First Class


Wanting a Lufthansa First Class experience, which appears to be on it’s last legs for Canadian flights, I decided to take the plunge while I […]

Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin, Ireland


Using Marriott points, we stayed at the luxurious Shelbourne Hotel – a bucket-list hotel destination. Since 1842, notable international A-list guests and the creme de […]