Best Doughnuts in Ottawa: Update

Maverick's "Chocoholic" doughnut

So when BoomerTraveller first taste-tested Maverick’s doughnuts, we were pretty unimpressed. But, they had been open less than a week, and they seem to draw a steady business – so we decided to give them another shot.

We got the “Chocoholic”: a chocolate doughnut with a whipped chocolate mousse topping sprinkled with chocolate chips, shavings of white chocolate, and a few small round dark brown, light brown, and pink chocolate sugar balls. A delight to behold, albeit unusually small for a modern doughnut.

Maverick's "chocoholic" doughnut

It was reasonably fresh – probably made earlier that morning. The texture of the dough was good, not as crumbly as many chocolate doughnuts and fairly moist. Sadly, when we bit into it, we remained unimpressed. The thing tasted too sweet and not very chocolatey, while the mousse topping was more oily than chocolatey. So sorry, Maverick’s, no change in your ranking. A pretty doughnut, but it simply does not meet the foodie standards of deliciousness.

Still, with their pick-your-own toppings, this place is sure to be favourite for children.

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