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We are a life-team of two travel hacking Canadian Boomers on a mission to help other Canadian Boomers maximize their joy of travel. Over the last few years our intrepid travel cabal has learned the basics of the fine art of “travel hacking”. It has been a life altering journey.

But most of the best “travel hacking” blogs on the net are American-centric and for the under 40 crowd.  As Canadian mid-century moderns with a yen for the fabulous we have not found a blog or e-community dedicated to our very exacting needs. So we decided to develop our own.


I got bitten by the travel bug in 1971 when my  grandmother, a travel maven even before it was trendy, took me on my first European sojourn.  Sputtering with teenage estrogen I fell in love every day with one of the hoards of cute backpacking hippies, an archaeological site, a “mod” art piece or a new food… While the estrogen has slowly faded my habit of travel crushes remains.

I was so inspired by this early travel that I became a geo-archaeologist, a choice that has led me on a travel-packed and adventurous career.

There is a saying in France, “Elegance is the privilege of age.” One of the basic rules of elegance is to discover your own style and remain faithful to it. I am a simple ethical hedonist. In the tradition of Aristippus of Cyrene (a student of Socrates), I firmly believe that pleasure is the highest good. For me, finding new epicurean pleasures through elegant travel is a quest that I have been on for years.


As a child growing up in Ottawa, Canada, I found fossils in the limestone that spoke of tropical lagoons in a time far far away. I still time-travel, but now I also like to visit tropical lagoons here in my own (vacation) time.

I started my career as a geologist working in the wilderness of the Ruby Range in Canada’s Yukon Territory, and the Cycladic islands of Greece. Now I travel more for fun, but I always have an eye out for the natural beauty, history and geology of the places I go.

I also do HTML code, take pictures, and generally support Her Very Specialness Celina in anything she wants.

Please join us on our journey… feel free to offer your wisdom and pearls of humor. Because at the end of the day it’s about a rich journey that makes the world a better place.

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